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David Sloane

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David Sloane is a commercial and fine art photographer, who has lived in the Washington area since the mid-1970s. In 2014, he founded Design Photographic, an imaging firm specializing in architectural, interior, portrait, and product photography.

Photography has been a part of Mr. Sloane’s life for as long as he can remember. Some of his earliest memories are of his late father, Irving Sloane – an artist, craftsman and author – shooting tabletop images for his books on guitar construction and repair in his basement shop. Sloane’s books helped to inspire a generation of artisans to become custom guitar builders, and his interest in photography engendered a nearly lifelong passion for the craft in his son.

While he had been an avid shooter for decades, David was not introduced to the darkroom until he took a rudimentary course on B & W photography at Glen Echo Park in 1988. With that preface, Sloane spent more than ten years refining his camera, film processing and printing skills in a well-equipped home darkroom. Typically, he worked with a large format view camera and employed the Zone System (pioneered by Ansel Adams) to capture the greatest range of tonal values possible on 4”x 5” sheet film negatives. His grounding in film photography, which he continues to use in his fine art photography, has greatly influenced his approach to digital imaging.

Sloane’s fine art prints have won numerous awards, and been the subject of group and individual exhibitions at various Metro area venues, including the Capitol Hill Arts League (CHAL) and the Washington Center for Photography. His images have also won or received honorable mention in photo contests sponsored by Roll Call, the newspaper of Capitol Hill. Several of his images were selected for inclusion in the book, “Capitol Hill: Beyond the Monuments,” published in 1995 by CHAL.

In addition to his commercial photography, Sloane volunteers as the official photographer for the Annual Georgetown House Tour – sponsored by St. John’s Episcopal Church Parish of Georgetown – one of the City’s oldest house tours. He sees a real synergy between his commercial imaging for the design trade and his fine art photography, which he creates with the designed environment very much in mind.