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Michael Godfrey

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Michael Godfrey, a representational painter of landscapes, was born in Germany in 1958. Growing up in North Carolina, he has always appreciated the beauty of the outdoors. He studied art at East Carolina University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1982.

Inspired by the many moods of light, his goal is to “capture and interpret these moods on canvas”. His paintings focus on light filtering through the landscape. In handling of color and surface, Godfrey softens the edges implying detail rather than actively stating it, concentrating on the experience of the moment, reveling in the warm glow of sunlight on the landscape. By choosing to focus on light and shadow he gives the viewer only a glimpse of detail.

Godfrey’s subjects range from the Appalachians to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He finds that mountains rejuvenate his spirit and “help put things in perspective”. “I am especially drawn to the high places”, he says. “There is something spiritual about mountains that I find irresistible”.

Godfrey prefers working in oils because many of the mediums’s forgiving nature and glazing characteristics. He has shown his paintings at many exhibitions, winning recognition yearly. The United States Ambassador to Russia selected Godfrey’s “First Light” to hang in the Moscow Embassy in 1992. He has exhibited his work at the Peppertree Invitational in St. Ynez, California since 1993. His work has been juried into the Arts for the Parks competition many times, and his painting “Winter Light” won the landscape award in 1996. The September 1998 issue of “American Artist” magazine featured Godfrey’s paintings. He exhibits in galleries nationwide, participating in the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s Annual Exhibit. His work can be found in many corporate and private collections.