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Lynn Goldstein

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Growing up in the mountains of West Virginia has influenced me more than I ever would have imagined. I have explored the natural world from different angles since childhood when, sitting under trees, I studied the land and its dramatic elevation changes. I have also been making art as long as I can remember. I began my serious career as an artist 17 years ago. The work that I make is a direct result of my desire to explore human perceptions and find interesting ways of depicting a subject. Whether looking at a tree from ground level, or studying reflections in water, I am thinking introspectively and assuming a different perspective. I consciously pursue a viewpoint that may not be the first angle that one would consider in most of my work.

I work in the pastel medium because I enjoy holding color in my hands. Through pastel’s immediacy, I am able to move the color around on paper to better evoke the emotions that I experience with the subject. I often start with a watercolor under painting, which provides an organic flow of color and pattern. This then prompts an emotional response to the image. I enjoy this process because, although I have an idea of how I want the finished work to appear, I can be surprised by happy accidents. These happy accidents are also present when I work in acrylic, which is my newest medium of expression. With acrylic, I can make poetic and textured pieces that incorporate metallic effects, intense colors, and layers to provoke the memories, thoughts, and imagination of the viewers of my work.