Broadway Galleries Partners with Hardwood Artisans

We are proud to announce a new and attractive business partnership.  Broadway Galleries is expanding their reach in style.  We have partnered up with a local furniture company to keep their showroom walls fresh and beautiful.  The business is Hardwood Artisans who handcrafts stunning hardwood furniture in Culpeper, Virginia.  They have over 800 standard furniture designs that look perfect with our handmade frames.

We are showcasing art in all four of their showrooms: Rockville, Arlington,Fairfax and Culpeper.  We have even done a framing job for them of their wood shop – it is in a thick, walnut frame and looks beautiful.

Every few months we will be changing out what artist we display in their showrooms.  We currently are showing off the breathtaking photography of Fred Eberhart.  Check out this incredible piece of his:

Fred Eberhart's work in Hardwood Artisans

Fred uses a unique photo stitching technique that allows his photos to be shown very large without ruining the quality of the image.  Please click here to read our blog on his unique photography stitching.  Fred’s composition is typically of the natural environment and captures water, trees, and the sky’s luminous beauty.  Most of Hardwood Artisans furniture is finished with a natural Danish oil that does not cover up the furniture’s beautiful wood grain and fits in perfectly with Fred’s work.

Fred’s photographs work perfectly in a business entrance:

Fred Eberhart's work in the Hardwood Artisans Fairfax Showroom Entrance

Fred Eberhart’s work in the Hardwood Artisans Fairfax Showroom Entrance


An office:

Fred Eberhart's photograph in Hardwood Artisans Culpeper Office

Fred Eberhart’s photograph in Hardwood Artisans Culpeper Office

A bedroom:

Fred Eberhart's work in a Bedroom

And in a dining room:

Fred Eberhart's work in a Dining Room

Let us know what you think of his work if you stop into Hardwood Artisans.  If you are interested in any of Fred’s photographs please contact us: 703-354-2905.  they can be printed in multiple sizes.  We are happy to work with you to find a piece just right.  To see all of Fred’s work please visit our website by clicking here.

Our owner Barry Broadway took a trip down to the Hardwood Artisans wood shop and enjoyed it.  Here he is with a piece of furniture he wanted to take home:

Barry Broadway at Hardwood Artisans


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