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From the small town of Sneads Ferry, North Carolina, Kathryn Harvey went on to attend James Madison University. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Art History and a minor in Studio Art.

During her time at James Madison University, Kathryn worked her way from a gallery intern in Sawhill Gallery to director of the campus’s prestigious Lisanby Museum. After graduation, Kathryn worked as an Assistant Manager and Director of Barrel Oak Winery’s Tasting Room and Art Gallery. There she was able to meet, contract and exhibit many local artists. After grasping the workings of a gallery, Kathryn went on to gain small business development experience working as an Office Manager, Assistant to Director of Marketing and Trade Show Registrar at America’s Small Business Development Center.

Today, Kathryn attends George Mason University and is achieving her Master’s in Art Management while working as Gallery Manager of Broadway Gallery. She brings a smiling face and great experience of the art world that will help us in reaching our full potential.

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Giclée – What is it?

Giclée, doesn’t that sound nice?

Pronounced zhee-KLAY, it is a neologism used in 1991 and made popular by printmaker Jack Duganne while he was working at Nash Editions and wanted a name for the new type of fine art digital prints made on ink jet printers. The IRIS printer is a large-format, high-resolution industrial press proofing inject printer which had been adapted for fine-art printing.  Duganne was specifically looking for a word that would not have the negative connotations of “ink jet” or “computer generated”. It is based on the French word gicleur, which means “nozzle”. Fancy!

These printers are large and get the job done!

Printing giclee in the workshop!

Printing giclee in the workshop!

Look at this Ferrari - Giclee gives it a nice finish!

Look at this Ferrari – Giclee gives it a nice finish!

Beside its original association with IRIS prints, in recent years, the word giclée has come to be associated with prints that use fade-resistant, archival inks (pigment-based, as well as newer solvent-based inks), and archival substrates primarily produced on Epson, HP and other large-format printers.

These printers use the CMYK color process but may have multiple cartridges for variations of each color which increases the apparent resolution and color gamut  and allows smoother gradient transitions. A wide variety of materials are available, including various textures and finishes such as matte photo paper, watercolor paper, cotton canvas, or artist textured vinyl.

The Movie post for "It's A Wonderful Life" from 1946 in giclcee

The Movie post for “It’s A Wonderful Life” from 1946 in giclee

Giclee prints are advantageous to artists who do not find it feasible to mass produce their work, but want to reproduce their art as needed, or on-demand. Once an image is digitally archived, additional reproductions can be made with minimal effort and reasonable cost. The prohibitive up-front cost of mass production for an edition is eliminated.

Archived files will not deteriorate in quality as negatives and films inherently do. Another tremendous advantage of giclee printing is that digital images can be reproduced to almost any size and onto various mediums, giving the artist the ability to customize prints for a specific client.

Check out "The King" Elvis Presley on giclee  paper!

Check out “The King” Elvis Presley on giclee paper!

The quality of the giclee print rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes and is commonly found in museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries.

GicleeArt in a Gallery

Giclee Art in a Gallery

Numerous examples of giclee prints can be found in New York City at the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Chelsea Galleries. Recent auctions of giclee prints have fetched $10,800 for Annie Leibovitz, $9,600 for Chuck Close, and $22,800 for Wolfgang Tillman’s (April 23/24 2004, Photographs, New York, Phillips de Pury & Company.) It is never to late to start creating giclees or get in on the action and make a purchase!

Check out some of these artists’ famous works!

Chuck Close's "Lucas".

Chuck Close’s “Lucas”.

One more!

"Oranges and Grapes"  By Wolfgnag Tillman

“Oranges and Grapes” By Wolfgang Tillman

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Get to Know the Artist and Framer – Jupey Gale – part 1

Please meet Jupey Gale, Production Manager at Broadway Galleries.

She has been with Broadway Galleries since 2007 when she moved across country from Las Vegas, NV. Originally from North Carolina Jupey grew up in Cincinnati, OH and has been in love with art since as long as she can remember.

Jupey’s role at Broadway Galleries entails a variety of roles, such as taking all the incoming framing orders, ensuring all the materials and work are completed in a timely fashion, managing vendors, handling interactions with customers, designing frames, doing installations, and completing in-home consultations. Jupey also spends time assisting Broadway Galleries owner Barry Broadway with the company’s website and social media needs.

Choosing the right frame makes all the difference.

Choosing the right frame makes all the difference.

Jupey says, “I love my job, interacting with the customers, and have a diverse amount of work to do. I like to stay busy and do the design work on framing.” She came to Broadway Galleries with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Pratt Pratt Institute and graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Broadway Galleries’ family goal is “to maintain the highest standards in the framing industry by having the best design and productions staff available and to be art educators as well as art providers.” Jupey said that Broadway Galleries’ customers range from retail customers, designers, and corporate collections. She mentioned that her company does things that most galleries won’t do such as specialized framing and servicing the trade.

Simple and beautiful.

Simple and beautiful.

Broadway Galleries has a turnaround time of between two and two and a half weeks but they can also accommodate rushes.

One of Jupey’s favorite things about working at Broadway Galleries is that she gets to be around art all day long. She loves it and feels really privileged to be around such beautiful works of art. Jupey enjoys being able to help people display their artwork to its fullest extent. “You can make or break a piece of art by framing; and I have fun helping people with a vision. She continues “Broadway Gallery assists customers to decide what is the best, aesthetically and conservation-wise, for framing. We educate people on the materials we use and we ask people things like ‘is it going to damage your art?’ ‘Is it going to last?’ ‘Place x is cheaper but are you really comparing apples to apples?’ The whole process is informative and beneficial to them.”

The art is the center of attention here.

The art is the center of attention here.

Jupey said her main challenge in framing work is when “customers may come in with a preconceived notion of what they want; and what they want, 99 times out of 100, isn’t what is aesthetically best for the piece.” This is a fine line, and very subjective, but often what customers are picturing in their head is not really how it’s actually going to look.  The challenge is to show them what they want and, at the same time, provide other, more-appropriate, options delicately, showing the difference in what is more visually appealing.

Jupey concludes by saying, “we service those who have neat, atypical pieces, and we have a great reputation for all types of framing.” Jupey’s passion for art and for the work she does at Broadway Galleries is a testament to the artistic expertise that we pride ourselves on.

What are your opinions on framing?

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Capturing Memories with Unique Shadow Boxes

Everyday we hustle from one place to another getting along with our busy lives.  For me, time seems to be continually speeding up.  There are certain memories worth taking a moment to slow down and remember, to catch you off guard and take you back in time.  It might be a home run baseball you caught as a kid buried in the back of your closet, or the handmade christening outfit you will never fit into again.

Special moments that make you smile should be displayed in a way you and your family can appreciate them for years to come.  Not to mention they are absolutely awesome.  Objects that pull on our heart strings of happiness, excitement, pride, and love never go out of style.  Shadow boxes have the ability to achieve a lot.

To inspire you I have pulled some pictures together of creative shadow boxes we have done for our customers:

The Marines Hymn

The Marines Hymn

Special Seashell Memories also make a Great Piece of Art

Special Seashell Memories also make a Great Piece of Art

Articles, pictures and CDs from a Talented Local Artist

Articles, pictures and CDs from a Talented Local Artist

A Priceless Memory - The California Raisins Singing "I Heard it through the Grapevine"

A Priceless Memory – The California Raisins Singing “I Heard it through the Grapevine”

A great collection of Arrowheads and Axes sewn into the shadow box with twine and rope

A great collection of Arrowheads and Axes sewn into the shadow box with twine and rope

Framers Note: Whenever you have a shadow box designed make sure you ask your framer how they are going to attach your memories in the box.  Most strong adhesives will corrode and ruin special objects over time.  Rope and Twine were the perfect way to maintain the quality of these arrowheads for years to come.

A family kilt captured in time with a picture of the family

A family kilt captured in time with a picture of the family

What memories do you want to capture?

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Join us at Art Uncorked on May 20th, showcasing John Bannon

Join us for a day of celebrating local wine, and local artist John Bannon at Paradise Springs Winery on May 20th from 2pm to 5pm.
Broadway Galleries is proud to be teamed up with such a talented artist as John Bannon.  His work is currently in the distinguished collections of: The Pentagon, in Arlington, Virginia, the Washington County Museum of Fine Art in Hagerstown, MD and much more.

We will be bringing lots of John’s pieces to the event for your viewing and buying pleasure. You can see loads of John’s work on our website by clicking here.

We think art and wine are perfect partners.  What do you think?

We designed some nice promos for you to look at:

At Paradise Springs Winery

At Paradise Springs Winery

We hope to see you here!

We hope to see you here!

 Join us – you will love it, we promise.
The winery is located at:
13219 Yates Ford Road
Clifton, VA 20124
Just in case you forgot our Gallery is located at:
5641 General Washington Drive
Alexandria, VA
We look forward to seeing you,
Broadway Galleries