June 2012

Frame of Mind / 12.06.2012

Diploma Framing! What do you know about it? First off I would like to congratulate all the 2012 graduates! Whether you have just graduated from high school, completed your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or even a PhD degree – I am excited for you all. Education though exciting and fun can also be a tough endeavor and it is a great accomplishment when you finally receive the piece of paper acknowledging all your hard work! Spring and...

Frame of Mind / 07.06.2012

Following up from Tuesday’s blog post about weddings, I am still intrigued by all the possibilities you can come up related to for weddings! It has been established that June is the month of weddings. Many people choose June to get married because of the wonderful weather and all the possible the perfect outdoor pictures to be taken. A perfect example would this beautiful bride and her bridesmaids below! Just look at the scenery, it can...

Frame of Mind / 05.06.2012

Summer is upon us and so is the season of weddings! I love summer weddings and the warm weather usually allows for some beautiful outdoor pictures. The neat thing about weddings are usually many lovely mementos from the day, why not frame a few things? Being able to relive the memory would be great! I just recently went to a wedding at the Whitehall Estate in Bluemont, VA and it was an unforgettable scene. [caption id="attachment_1851"...



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