Richard McMurry

Currently residing in Northern Virginia, Richard studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. He is trained in classical oil painting and specializes in landscapes. Atmospheric perspective is very important to Richard. He successfully creates the illusion of distance in his harmonious paintings using many elements of design: line, color, shape, pattern, texture, scale, value and direction. His compositions are complex leading the viewer from the foreground of his landscapes to the distant horizons.

Richard’s favorite subject is nature, but he has found great inspiration from urban settings, especially Washington, DC and New York City. He finds that they have their own nature along with special light and reflective qualities. Using a variety of paints, including translucent pigments, he achieves the reflective qualities found in these settings.

Richard is currently excited about and working on a series of super stylized landscape paintings with fan trees. He seeks out urban scenes that include foliage either in the foreground, background, or both.



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