Sarah Lykins Entsminger

Sarah Lykins Entsminger is an artist, writer, and curator of mixed-media and textile art based in Northern Virginia.

From the artist:

“I am an artist. I come from a long line of artists and makers, generations of women using a language of imagery to tell the stories of our lives. We have created for practical use as well as for the sheer enjoyment of illustrating memories from our hearts and minds.

Art has always been the constant in my life, and solace when needed. It grounds and centers me in an ever-changing world. Using personal memories focuses my creativity on the therapeutic effect of art on the human spirit. Created using traditional textile techniques, mixed with a variety of fine art mediums, my artwork illustrates the beauty of the natural world.

Writing, as well as curating exhibits, allows me to mix my passions for artwork, photography, and language together to create a new visual experience. My work is designed to draw others into an appreciation of mixed-media art and a critical understanding of the diversity of artistic expression. Lecturing, writing, and encouraging others connects me to the powerful legacy of art, handwork and making that is my heritage.

Working in my studio in northern Virginia, I continually seek to illustrate the healing force of nature, while still evoking a sense of wonder and mystery. Creating is visual storytelling, using color, shape, and form, to share my personal experiences. This visual narrative calms the chaos of the outside world and is an open invitation to experience peace, solace, and dreams of treasured places. “



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