From A Theater Near You to a Client’s Home

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From A Theater Near You to a Client’s Home

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A while back, one of our interior design clients, Annette Neilsen with Ethan Allen came to us for help with a large custom framing project for her customer’s newly designed basement. This large basement space was in the process of being transformed into a magnificent library with designated seating areas and would eventually house his impressive collection of 8000 plus books. As an avid reader, historian and collector, it was determined that each seating area would have a different theme

At one end of the library, James Bond was the chosen theme, as the client is a huge fan! Having read every Ian Fleming novel, seen every movie, collected every signed movie poster, and collected the entire British and US volumes of signed first edition books, Annette was given the go ahead to make this space cool, calm and collected like the man himself. The 007 carpet design was the final and perfect foundation for this part of the library and the custom framing we did for his complete collection of movie posters was the unifying force.

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For the framing of the collection, we chose a simple semigloss chunky wood frame, and matching single black mat that gives the group a contemporary masculine look. In cases like this where we want to keep the focus on the iconic art, we normally suggest simple profiles in black, silver or white, especially when framing multiples to be hung up together.

To reduce any glare on these large framed posters, Tru-Vue Optium Museum Plexiglas was selected for the glazing which is anti-reflective and also protects the art and signatures from fading. We typically recommend this type of glass to anyone who wants to eliminate glare and when preserving sentimental or valuable works of art.

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As for the other two seating areas in the library, the themes are more traditional with a focus on the client’s love of American history and our founding fathers and presidents. Here we used a mixture of frames that are more ornate with federal touches and accents of gold along with larger matting to perfectly enhance his collection of historical art. In every case we considered the artwork and how it would coordinate with the beautiful furnishings and carpets that Annette selected with the client.

Going into the project we knew he wanted the area to be an inviting and personal space where history would be appreciated, collections would be enjoyed, and where all the classic books could be found and read.

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It was our joy and privilege to help with this project from the quality custom framing to the professional installation of the artwork.

If you have a collection of memorabilia or sentimental pieces that you’d like framed or hung, please give our team a call?

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