Broadway Gallery Presents Photographer Fred Eberhart

Broadway Gallery Presents Photographer Fred Eberhart

Fred has found a way to capture the depth and detailed beauty of nature using an unique photography technique.

bluebells on cedar run by fred eberhart

“Bluebells on Cedar Run” By Fred Eberhart

His photographs can be enlarged to over 10′ tall or 10′ wide and still hold the clarity of the image you see below. Fred is able to enlarge his images to these enormous sizes and create such depth by actually stitching together a series of images into one. Fred explains it very clearly:

“I am acutely aware of the limitations of digital technology in that pursuit. Even among higher-end digital cameras, the technology has not yet reached a point at which individual digital images can meet the resolution and quality standards of scanned images from medium and large format film. This shortcoming is particularly evident in the creation of fine art landscape images, often most advantageously displayed in large format, high-resolution prints.

on hogback in a cloud captured on the appalachian trail in late september

“On Hogback in a Cloud” captured on the Appalachian Trail in Late September

I have sought to overcome this limitation by creating stitched mosaics from arrays of juxtaposed digital images. Using robust mosaic-stitching software, I am able to produce seamless, large format, high-resolution images of a quality comparable to the larger film formats.Preparation of a finished mosaic of 24 or more component photographs may require days for setup, processing, modification and finishing to my satisfaction.

thumbnails of the 4mp photos stitched to create bluebirds remembrance

Thumbnails of the 4mp photos stitched to create “Bluebird’s Remembrance”

Some of the more challenging mosaics, shot in rapidly changing light or with moving subjects, may require several attempts to get it right. However, there is considerable creative satisfaction in the process and in the result.” We think the result is very satisfying as well. Here it is:

bluebirds remembrance

Bluebird’s Remembrance stitched together

This technique is not new, or commonly used. Have you heard of it before? We invite you into our Alexandria gallery to see the pieces in person and to inspect each piece to see if you can determine where Fred stitched each piece. Here is another example:

thubnail arrary of course photos for morning light on the co

Thumbnail arrary of course photos for “Morning Light on the C&O”

Ta-da! Here it is stitched together:

morning light on the co

“Morning Light on the C&O” By Fred Eberhart

To learn more about Fred and his stunning photographs visit our website by click here.

“I hope that viewers will find my images compelling and emotive, touching them in a meaningful way, and conveying my love for, and awe at the natural and visual gifts with which we have been endowed.”

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