Corporate Art – Can it Really Make Your Office More Productive?

Corporate Art – Can it Really Make Your Office More Productive?

Corporate art. What exactly classifies corporate art? Is it art made specifically for office use? Or is it any art that is located in a corporate setting? When someone thinks of art they may associate someone in a freelance profession or a creative field but many artists find meaningful employment in the corporate world. According to the Corporate Art Force art can enhance any space in which it is installed but it can serve a great purpose specifically in office spaces. Art can make a corporate area feel more welcoming and attractive.

tysons glen 2

Check out this office design we did in Tyson Corner, VA

Corporate art can be original art or reproductions and it is made by artists such as painters, photographers, sculptors, print makers, and others. Some corporate offices can even have their own corporate art galleries in which they request specific artists to create work just for them. Clients of these galleries include architects, interior designers, and developers.

Broadway Galleries specializes in finding and installing the perfect piece of art for your specifications. You can choose from a completed artwork or commissioning an artwork if you have something specific in mind. Broadway Galleries has art to suit all budgets. We also have consultants available to help you make your decision, and they can find the artwork that perfectly complements the size of your space, the color scheme, and your overall design. We will work with you to find the perfect piece of art either in the gallery or at your location.


Awards and positive rewards can be artwork too!

Corporate art has been shown to improve employee productivity in the workplace. We can help your organization be more strategic in your art decision and continually evaluate the effectiveness of your art.

Who knew you could receive a return on your investment by purchasing artwork and gaining; employee retention and productivity, customer and public awareness, and patient outcomes for healthcare organizations!

In general I personally feel that artwork can attract positive energy for the space it is displayed in, the people, and the company as a whole. What do you think?


Doesn’t this lounge area look inviting? What do you think of the colors?

Corporate art can do this by communicating your objectives and messaging, strengthen customer and employee interactions, promote your organizations brand and mission, encourage a creative and dynamic environment, strengthen morale, and engage others. Broadway Galleries can do an initial analysis of your brand and image and come up with a recommendation to optimize your options of artwork needed for your company. Just like we did here:

carr building

I love the green background, it makes the picture pop.

One important concept in corporate art is a sense of scale. For example, if you have a large wall in your corporate space, you would ideally want a large artwork to fill it, or a series of multiple artworks. Anything that is too small in size will look out of place. Similarly, if you have a large open area, you would benefit from a large fountain or sculpture.

Ask the gallery you use if you are able to view your chosen artwork in its intended space before you buy it to make sure that it does suit the area in which it is used.

At Office Art Hire they feel that “In today’s tough economic climate astute employees understand that providing a positive and energised working environment enables employees to fully utilise their attributes which in turn improves financial, social and strategic performance.”

“For the employer, staff happiness and wellbeing means increased performance and in turn productivity – producing a healthy return on investment.”

embassy suites mirror install sept 2008 15

Glass Installation at the Embassy Suites – Retro chic

Are you inspired at work today?

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