The Paintings that Tie it all Together

The Paintings that Tie it all Together

Hunting for the perfect painting to fit in an empty spot on your wall is a frustrating challenge all homeowners and designers have faced. The colors have to match, the textures have to work together, and the scale of the piece needs to be right in range. I can recall multiple situations where it has taken me a few months to find a particular piece of art for a client. That is, until I met…

Lisa Tureson. A talented artist who not only posses the ability to create stunning pieces of her own but also has the capabilities to turn your problem into no problem at all. She is what I like to call, “Art Smart.” Lisa has been working with home owners and designers for years to create stunning pieces like these 3 panels in a set of 6 panels that depict the client’s family. The Mother is on the right and two of the kids are on the left. It was placed in a two story foyer and when the clients moved they were able to remove the panels and take them to their new house!

family mural2

Creative family portrait by Lisa Tureson

She has an eye for transforming spaces. Take a look at this before and after:


Fireplace Before

And the after:


The After – The artwork includes the faux bois and stone on the fireplace as well as the custom painting

Most designers (not all) start planning a room from the ground up. They pick out the carpet, then the wall color, then the furniture, the textiles, and then the art. Lisa has worked with lots of designers who bring her their space’s “game plan” including the – pillows, wall colors, textures in the room and give her an approximate size they need. Commissioned work gives the client the right size, scale, colors, values and imagery for the space. The designers can suggest a style they wish the piece to look like – for example, one client wanted a painting that was reminiscent of Rothko. The designer or homeowner then trusts Lisa’s natural artistic ability to do the rest. Here is an example of a room where the art flows perfectly with the textiles and really ties the space together:

made for the room

Custom made painting to enhance this aquarium room

What more do you need from a piece of art? We can’t think of anything.

Lisa has the ability to turn a space that isn’t so beautiful into one that is stunning. One story she told us goes like this:

Right next to the fireplace which was a focal point of the room was an unsightly electrical panel that could not be moved. Due to the size and shape of the door it made sense to the eye to turn that into a tromp l’oeil bookcase. It was a natural fit. We had fun with the clients in coming up with names of the books that were personal to them, such as where they honeymooned. We also incorporated their personal items of special significance on the shelves such as a scale of justice for the attorney in the home. I did a similar bookcase for a Podiatrist and named the books “Joan of Arch (his mother’s name), Sesamoid Street (a bone in the foot), The Agony of d’Feet, etc. It’s a very fun and personal piece. This is also a great anniversary, holiday or birthday gift idea for the person who has everything because they definitely don’t have one of these.

Lisa had one customer ask her to paint his three Ferraris

sweet cards lt

Three 48” square, mixed media on canvas

If this doesn’t make you smile, I am not sure what will.

Check out our website to see more of Lisa’s stunning work or come into Broadway Galleries in Alexandria and see this stunning piece of Lisa’s work we are showcasing:

broadway gallery

121 – 24 x 48 – Acrylic on Canvas

Lisa is also showcasing work in the DC Design House and the Washington Design Center. You can email us if you are interested in discussing a commissioned piece with Lisa:

Have an Art Smart Day!

Broadway Galleries

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