Framing diplomas. Get inspired

Framing diplomas. Get inspired

Diploma Framing! What do you know about it?

First off I would like to congratulate all the 2012 graduates! Whether you have just graduated from high school, completed your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or even a PhD degree – I am excited for you all.

Education though exciting and fun can also be a tough endeavor and it is a great accomplishment when you finally receive the piece of paper acknowledging all your hard work! Spring and summer are full of graduations and when all is said and done, when the family parties die down, and the opportunity to move on to further education or a career comes – don’t let the opportunity to show off your achievements pass.

Frame your diploma!

How about this wall of framed diplomas. Looks like a doctor’s office!

framed collage1

Have several degrees or certifications? Create a collage!

Or get a frame to keep on your desk like this one below.

diploma1 300x217

A perfect size for your guests to view.

For those of you considering framing your diploma yourself – I would recommend against it. You can easily make a snafu and tear the diploma or crease it while attempting to put it in the frame. When you invest in professional framing, you will not only receive a great quality frame you will secure a quality job on overall. You most likely spent quite a bit of time and money while getting your degree why not give it the care it deserves?

Check out this unique frame with the graduate’s cap tassel.

diplomas with aceesories

Diplomas with accessories are fun.

Usually when you go to a custom framing store you can either choose from a selection of staple frames or can customize the frame to your liking. Most places will be able to assist you in capturing just the right frame to complement your room, your lifestyle, and your budget!

Comparing between the two frames between the first frame with the image of the school would be a bit more expensive and take up more room than the second frame with a simpler style.

How about this Virginia Tech frame?


Let’s go Hokies!

A frame for a diploma can make for a great gift and a solid investment. It is also a fantastic way to protect your documents from wear and tear. There are so many options frame-wise, you can choose a large frame with an image of the school, make it colorful with the school theme colors, or keep it simple and sleek. Some people may want to engrave or initial the frame for personalization and you can also choose to add a gold or colored plaque on or under the frame too!

I still need to frame my Bachelor’s degree from James Madison University! Go Dukes! This is what I would like my framed diploma to look like.


JMU frame with a picture of Wilson Hall

Is your Diploma framed? What’s your look like? Make your diploma frame dazzle!

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