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Who is your team? Learn about framing for Sports Aficionados! - Broadway Gallery

Who is your team? Learn about framing for Sports Aficionados!

Who is your team? Learn about framing for Sports Aficionados!

Who is your team? Learn about framing for Sports Aficionados!

Who is your team? Most folks have at least one team or one type of sport that they thoroughly enjoy, whether that means playing it or sitting back in the bleachers and watching the game. My personal favorites are: watching football (live or on TV), watching baseball live and oh one more, I also enjoy watching ice hockey live.

Look at the personal sports bar below decorated by Broadway Galleries.

sports gear

These framed jerseys look professional and classic!

sports memorabilia

More sports memorabilia!

sports memor

This place is starting to look like a fun place!

mandy mags

A wall of Sports Illustrated looks fun.

After following a team for several years you are bound to collect some sports memorabilia! Storing and displaying your collectible photographs and jerseys is as important to their preservation as it is to the attractiveness of their display. Collectible photographs that are not properly protected can yellow or discolor, collect dust, scratch and even mold.

sports illustrated

Magazines framed can reference a certain point in time.

Damage to your collectibles can hugely affect its value, and severe damage could cause your item to become worthless. You’ve invested money and time in building your collection, so don’t you think it’s worthwhile to ensure that it’s properly protected?

So many stores advertise products for matting and framing your photos and art pieces. Sure, this works for family photos and non-collectible artwork, but you don’t want to attempt to try to frame your valuable collectibles. Improper framing can be worse than no framing at all. Because photographs are made from paper, improper mounting and framing can result in stains, spotting, folding or bending.

ny marathon

How about preserving pieces from the NYC Marathon?

Autographed photos need to be carefully and gently handled because it can be so easily damaged. A simple rip or fingerprint can quickly decrease the value of an otherwise quality piece. Special mounting and framing materials need to be used in order to preserve both the autograph and the image.

Amateur or inexperienced framers might use elements such as glue, spray adhesive or tape to affix or mount the picture. These items if used can eventually stain the paper and will make it impossible to re-matt or make changes to your framing in the future.

giantssuperbowlxlvisignatureticket18x22pm21 240

Giants Super Bowel Signed Ticket!

As with poor mounting and matting paper issues, choosing the right frame for your collectible is also of ultimate importance. Frames that require you to “slide the photo” in place cannot be used with autographed photos as there is a chance that the photo might be scratched, ripped or damaged while sliding it into place.

Quality archival frames give the framer full access to both the glass and backing making it much easier and safer to place the photo. In choosing an archival appropriate frame, one will need to choose an acrylic or glass that protects against ultra-violet rays while allowing for full viewing.

shot of the stadium

Shot of the VT Stadium

Many of the same issues that apply to framing a photograph also apply when it comes to framing jerseys. However, there are some unique problems and concerns to be considered in jersey framing.

51dxcijtx1l sl500 aa300

Let’s go Giants, Let’s go!

All things considered, it is imperative that you hire the right framer for all of your collectibles. This should be a professional who has experience working with collectibles and preservation (archival) framing. Further, the framer should be knowledgeable of, and have worked with autographs as well as photography (or collectible jerseys where applicable).

caps shirt

Capitals gear for the DC fans!

If you are someone who not only loves to watch sports and follow a team but have a history of playing from grade school through high school or even played college-level sports that would be a great piece to capture. If your children play any sports and share the passion you do it would be a fun idea to frame their soccer jersey or create a shadow box of ballet slippers.

Or framing the cheerleading memories?


Save the Poms Poms and preserve memories!

p 60906 reggie jackson autographed hand signed rawlings big stick bat with mr october ss jackbts000020

Reggie Jackson Autographed Bat

Personally I was never a talented athlete in my youth, but I would think it would make for a great memory if in my family room my parents had a framed photo of when my softball team won our last game along with the gold medal I received!

little league

Little League Winners

Professional athletes may frame their role model’s famous gear or maybe your talents have been shared with your kids and you want to preserve that memory?

karate competition

How about this talent karate champ?!

I think I need to build my own personal sports bar just to get the chance to hang up some Giants and Yankees gear!

41eyv3caddl sl500 aa300

1961 Yankees Infield Signed

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