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Art Matters

Art Matters / 11.07.2012

Giclée, doesn’t that sound nice? Pronounced zhee-KLAY, it is a neologism used in 1991 and made popular by printmaker Jack Duganne while he was working at Nash Editions and wanted a name for the new type of fine art digital prints made on ink jet printers. The IRIS printer is a large-format, high-resolution industrial press proofing inject printer which had been adapted for fine-art printing. Duganne was specifically looking for a word that would not...

Art Matters / 23.05.2012

When I walk into a museum or a gallery such as Broadway Galleries and I see all the beautiful artwork I am always in awe of the talent I see. I also get curious about how the artist came up with such an idea or perspective and it made me dig around for some answers, where does the inspiration come from? [caption id="attachment_1841" align="aligncenter" width="679"] Willis Wharf Fisherman by Ken Strong[/caption] When looking...

Art Matters / 17.05.2012

Being responsible for supplying your office or organization with artwork is a fun and exciting task. Being the decision maker can also be a bit daunting since your fellow colleagues will be viewing whatever artwork you pick! There are several factors to keep in mind when deciding what type of art to purchase and where the art should go. Think about what your employees might prefer. Modern or abstract might be your personal taste but if...

Art Matters / 15.05.2012

Corporate art. What exactly classifies corporate art? Is it art made specifically for office use? Or is it any art that is located in a corporate setting? When someone thinks of art they may associate someone in a freelance profession or a creative field but many artists find meaningful employment in the corporate world. According to the Corporate Art Force art can enhance any space in which it is installed but it can serve a...



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