Kathy Cornwell

Kathy Cornwell

Kathy Cornwell is a printmaker and mixed media artist based in Virginia. Kathy spent years working as an assistant to glassblowers and as a writer for visual artists. This felt like being a wallflower stationed at the punch bowl at a dance, dutifully doling out cups of punch but missing out on the reason she came. Finally—in her 50s—Kathy abandoned the punch bowl and joined the dance. This sense of exuberant awakening is evident in her work.

Kathy’s bright and bold abstract monotypes and mixed-media collages hold up neglected items such as weeds and trash and transform them into things of beauty, urging the viewer to open themselves up to wonder and better appreciate themselves, others, and the world.

Kathy’s work has been in numerous group exhibitions in the United States, published in Suboart Magazine, Clover + Bee, Women United Art Magazine, and Contemporary Collage Magazine, and shortlisted for the 2022 Contemporary Collage Magazine Awards. Most recently, Kathy was one of ten finalist for the 2023 Women Art United Art Prize in printmaking, an international art prize. 

abstract, collage, localartist, mixedmedia, monotype, printmaking


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