Custom Lucite Box Framing: a unique standout framing option

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Custom Lucite Box Framing: a unique standout framing option

After 43 years in the framing business, each day is still new and different because we never know what customers will be bringing into the gallery to get framed! Sometimes customers want their works of art to take center stage with a framing treatment that is more contemporary or museum-like—one that will uniquely showcase and protect their work for generations to come. That’s when we recommend lucite shadow box framing as a unique standout option.

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For the framing and protection of this bald eagle sculpture, we designed a lucite vitrine cover to sit into a custom 22 karat gold finished corner frame accented with stars in each corner for the perfect patriotic touch.

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As you can see here, designing a lucite shadow box with dark contrasting fabric backing was the perfect way to simply showcase the Alaskan carved whale bone sculpture on the left and the hand made Venetian face mask on the right. Both pieces can be either displayed on a flat surface, as shown, or hung flush against a wall.

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A book is meant to be handled and read, so what better way to showcase these treasured antique books (the Latin scripted vellum covered one on the right dates back to 1687) than to design custom vitrines for each one? These lucite covers, complimentary frames, and fabric bottoms were designed as a handsome presentation for these small treasures and allow for easy removal by their caretaker.

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Lucite shadow box framing also allows light to fill the box for greater viewing of the items inside. The example on the left was designed to hang on the wall showcasing the Israeli hand-painted ostrich egg inside. The wooden block at the back was custom painted to match colors on the egg, and the lucite top can be lifted for easy removal and handling of the egg.

Lucite shadow box framing also creates a museum-like presentation as seen with this collection of Egyptian ceramic face sculptures on the right. One of the great pleasures of working with customers in the framing business is hearing the fascinating stories that accompany the interesting items they bring in to be framed. This is especially true of all the examples here!

If you have a story to share about a framing project we’ve worked on with you, we’d love to feature it in an upcoming email. Send it to us here!

thumbnail LFID Canvas Lucite Box Frame

This last example was the creative framing idea of designer Laura Fox, of Laura Fox Interior Design. We followed her “inside the box” thinking by showcasing this dynamic painting by Illia Schwartz inside a custom lucite shadow box measuring 59”H x 64”W x 4” deep.

Rather than a traditional stretch and framing of the canvas, we top -mounted the canvas to stretched white linen and finished it with the lucite box frame, bringing Laura’s contemporary vision to life.

Completing extraordinary projects like these for customers are what we enjoy the most. At Broadway Gallery we offer creative ideas, expert advice and quality craftsmanship which are just a few of the reasons why we’ve been in business for 43 years.

If you have unique keepsakes or treasures that you’d like to pull out from storage and put on display to enjoy everyday, please give us a call. We would love to be of service!

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