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Is 50% Off Really 50% Off? - Broadway Gallery

Is 50% Off Really 50% Off?


Is 50% Off Really 50% Off?

An interesting topic recently came up with a friend of mine. She had just come back from a trip to Europe with several beautiful pieces of artwork. We were at her house discussing where to hang them and both realized she should get her artwork framed. Not only would a frame protect her art, but would also showcase the beauty of the pictures.

The next step was to figure out where to get them framed. I, of course, recommended Broadway Galleries. But she told me flat-out that she thought a gallery would be too expensive, and instead was thinking about trying a larger chain such as Michael’s. Best yet, she had just received a 50% off coupon from them. She figured it had to be a steal of a deal.

Let’s chat about this for a minute, because this is a common perspective.


Remember to read the fine print of coupons!

There are some chain framing stores that usually offer very large discounts or coupons … but how is the quality of the frame or the sales person recommending the frame and matting? How fast is their turnaround process? Will they have a variety of options or help you choose what is best for your budget and style preference? There are so many things to take into account! Once you have something framed you typically intend to keep it that way for years.

To help my friend out, I did a bit of research on a few of these big companies with great discounts. I found their prices to be quite comparable to Broadway Galleries. At Broadway Galleries we want to provide quality products, great customer service, and build customer loyalty. And at Broadway Galleries you can guarantee that your sales person and framer are experienced.



Chain stores are great for buying arts and crafts and odds and ends, and they did entice my friend with the 50% off coupon they advertised. But what does 50% off mean? 50% off the frame? 50% off the labor? Or 50% off the total cost?

michaels coupons image2

Hmm is this really 50% off?

Some coupons have specific limits to your purchase listed in fine print. It also is apparent that some chain framing stores raise their prices when a promotional coupon goes out, which means the end result is that many people pay the same amount they would during a non-coupon sales period. Smart marketing!

Something else that breeds uncertainty is the question of where the frame is actually made. It could be anywhere. At Broadway Galleries, all of our frames are made in our shop in the United States

Overall framing can be a large investment but it also can be very affordable. It simply depends on what type of materials you want. Hopefully you will frame it once and have that frame last for generations. At Broadway Galleries, just tell us what your budget is and we will make sure to find you the perfect beautiful frame. This is what we do for a living, and we’re good at it.






Assembling the frame…


The finished masterpiece!

Just remember – 50% off isn’t always 50% off!
Call or email us to get a free quote today: 703-354-2905. You will be surprised how we stack up against the competition!

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