Get Great Art for Your Office!

Get Great Art for Your Office!

Being responsible for supplying your office or organization with artwork is a fun and exciting task. Being the decision maker can also be a bit daunting since your fellow colleagues will be viewing whatever artwork you pick! There are several factors to keep in mind when deciding what type of art to purchase and where the art should go.

  1. Think about what your employees might prefer. Modern or abstract might be your personal taste but if it doesn’t match the attitude or theme of the company the art may not do much in terms of igniting a good mood. Corporate motivational art can encourage your employees throughout the day, so contemplate the placement of the art, such as a hallway or a conference room.

    How about this for some great hallway artwork?

  2. Consider enlisting a corporate art service or Broadway Galleries which may offer an immense amount of styles, the ability to view and order online, and personalized service so you don’t have to give up several hours of your day searching in galleries.
  3. Another important factor to consider is to help support the art world by purchasing original art for business. This way the office gets to own a one-of-a kind piece that appreciates in value and you may even be helping starving artist.
    bannon jefferson memorial cherry blossoms

    This painting of the Jefferson Memorial and bloomig cherry blossoms is gorgeous.

  4. Lastly, try to stick with pieces that inspire and encourage. If you have limited funds usually a striking poster coupled with an inspirational message is a good way to go. Also, consider framing the work – this can make all the difference in a business setting.

A good advantage to buying a few great pieces is you can always rotate the location of the art to keep the environment fresh and inviting (and keep your employees on their toes!).

corporate 3

How about this for a nice relaxing seating area?

Displaying corporate art can also help create a good impression with your clients. By choosing attractive corporate office art, you can send a positive message about your company-that you appreciate the finer things in life, and not just all business. Artwork for a corporate office can be and is a great investment.

What is the artwork like in your office? Would you change it or keep it?

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