Have a Beautiful Wedding Invitation or Great Photos? Frame it!

Have a Beautiful Wedding Invitation or Great Photos? Frame it!

Following up from Tuesday’s blog post about weddings, I am still intrigued by all the possibilities you can come up related to for weddings! It has been established that June is the month of weddings. Many people choose June to get married because of the wonderful weather and all the possible the perfect outdoor pictures to be taken.

A perfect example would this beautiful bride and her bridesmaids below! Just look at the scenery, it can take your breath away.

barefoot wedding

Barefoot Beach Wedding – What a great photo!

Once the favorite poses have been chosen… what should be done with the pictures? Weddings are a once in a lifetime event. The pictures are beautiful, certainly not cheap, and hung on the wall for all to see for a lifetime. Therefore, these photos deserve to be beautifully framed.

Check out this photo and frame match-up below, this would be a great anniversary gift!

wedding frame

This frame is engraved with the names of the bride and groom and the VIP date!

The bride and groom picture can be framed formally, with an array of beautiful white mats of different hues and textures. Specialty framing shops have oval frames with convex glass, or closed corner frames.

wedding frame1web

This couple or gift-giver chose a silver frame. I could see this on the wall of a fmaily room or on a desk in an office.

Or if it was an outdoor wedding, a more casual setting is called for, with richly colored frames and mats. A family collage is a fun way to present more than one picture. If you have a lot of pictures, why pick just one? A multi-opening mat like the frame below can let you show off many pictures in one frame.

weding frame story board

It is a Wedding Storyboard!

Framing wedding invitations is also a fantastic way to create a keepsake from the day. An embellished invitation with real pressed flowers arranged in a frame in a unique way makes a wonderful wedding or shower gift. The wedding flowers can be used together with the invitation or a wedding photo after the wedding takes place. Create keepsakes like those seen below.


There can be sooo many options to choose from in regards to framing invitations.

Why keep your invitations locked away in a photo album when you can display it beautifully in a custom made flower arrangement on the wall?

framed wedding invitation

Framed wedding invitation compliments of Pressedflora.com

Or how about using frames during the wedding like this couple did.

diy moss wedding frame 41

Moss frame with directions for wedding guests.

quilled wedding invitation keepsake framed wall ar udu4ns0xnzi5ms43mtmyoq1

Sandra J. White creates speciatly quilled invitation frames in her home in New Hampshire.

Broadway Gallery can create a custom shadow box of your wedding invitation for a 3-D effect or frame it with their high-quality wooden, silver, or gold frames.

If you do decide to frame an invitation or picture for the happy couple, make sure it is a custom frame that reflect’s the couple’s style! Lots of shops have all sorts of decorative frames. One example below is of a South Sea White Pearl Picture Frame.

5594 10 57 front web wm 11117 zoom

This would be FAB for a couple that enjoys beach vacations or owns a beach house or even had their wedding at the beach!

Some other cool ideas I came across and had to share:

framed wedding photo

Heart Shaped Frames- Simple & Sweet

uniwue wedding photo

Have any of you done this? I can’t wait to give this as a gift (and I kinda want one too!) Two great sites that has tons of ideas are www.Theknot.com and www.pinterest.com !

Broadway Gallery


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