Capturing Memories with Unique Shadow Boxes

Capturing Memories with Unique Shadow Boxes

Everyday we hustle from one place to another getting along with our busy lives. For me, time seems to be continually speeding up. There are certain memories worth taking a moment to slow down and remember, to catch you off guard and take you back in time. It might be a home run baseball you caught as a kid buried in the back of your closet, or the handmade christening outfit you will never fit into again.

Special moments that make you smile should be displayed in a way you and your family can appreciate them for years to come. Not to mention they are absolutely awesome. Objects that pull on our heart strings of happiness, excitement, pride, and love never go out of style. Shadow boxes have the ability to achieve a lot.

To inspire you I have pulled some pictures together of creative shadow boxes we have done for our customers:

marines hymn

The Marines Hymn

seashells head on view

Special Seashell Memories also make a Great Piece of Art

local musician makes good1

Articles, pictures and CDs from a Talented Local Artist

heard it through the grapevine1

A Priceless Memory – The California Raisins Singing “I Heard it through the Grapevine”

arrowheads and axes 20071

A great collection of Arrowheads and Axes sewn into the shadow box with twine and rope

Framers Note: Whenever you have a shadow box designed make sure you ask your framer how they are going to attach your memories in the box. Most strong adhesives will corrode and ruin special objects over time. Rope and Twine were the perfect way to maintain the quality of these arrowheads for years to come.


A family kilt captured in time with a picture of the family

What memories do you want to capture?

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