Why should you care about conservation glass?

Why should you care about conservation glass?

What is Conservation Glass?

We’ve all heard about the dangers of ultraviolet light rays – particularly to our skin, but exposure to UV light causes organic material to break down in artwork. This is visible in the form of fading colors and embrittlement and yellowing of the materials that bear the artwork. These effects, once started, are growing and irreversible.

The best way to preserve your art is to protect it from exposure to UV light from the outset. For starters, don’t hang your art in direct sunlight or light it with fluorescent light. You can also ask your framer to use Conservation Quality Glass.

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Your “go-to” framer may have taken a class on conservation glass!

Conservation Series® Glass effectively blocks 97% of the dangerous UV light – protecting your artwork without affecting the visible light spectrum so your colors show true as nicely in a year as they do the first day you frame them.


Your “go-to” framer may have taken a class on conservation glass!

UV filtering glass, or if you prefer UV filtering acrylic, can be used on most things that are framed. Only conservation grade mat board comes in contact with the limited and open edition artwork. Another preservation method is to have artwork properly mounted on acid-free backing and allow for many years of enjoyment. Poster and photograph mounting may vary but it is recommended to use UV glass.

If you go to your local framing shop they would be happy to assist you with your questions and concerns and easily assist you with custom framing ideas on your beautiful new artwork!


Conservation Glass before any art has been added

What Is Conservation Framing?

Put simply, Conservation Framing employs the use of materials that have been proven to protect and maintain art in as close to its original condition as possible. Specifying Conservation Framing is an important form of insurance for your valuable artwork, keeping it as lovely as it is today for your pleasure for years to come.

As consumers, we bring our valuables in to be framed for a number of different reasons. Sometimes we frame an item to create an attractive decoration for our home. On the other hand, sometimes we frame the very things we value most – whether that be commercial or sentimental value – in order to protect them from damage.

Conservation Quality framing can be provided by several well-known brands such as Conservation Quality Artboard, such as Tru Vue® UltiMat® and UltiBlack®


Family photos should be preserved and protected

Conservation Quality framing can be provided by several well-known brands such as Conservation Quality Artboard, such as Tru Vue® UltiMat® and UltiBlack®

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Framers in action to protect and preserve!

Conservation Quality Art board is free of all acids, lignins and other impurities found in ordinary “pulp” board. The result is an inert or pH neutral board which will cause no damage to the artwork it encases as time goes by. Also, asking to adhere to proper conservation techniques for mounting the artwork (sometimes called “hinging”) and sealing your artwork is important. The cost premium for Conservation Framing is marginal – and certainly well worth it.


All museums use Conservation Glass and Framing

What are you really buying when you use the services of a custom framer?

Talent — yes, and the knowledge and ability to select the proper framing materials for your particular project. This means helping you choose the right colors, the right frame style, and most importantly, the right materials to protect your art, photo or memorabilia. There’s the matboard, the frame, the backing board and the mounting materials to consider. And of course, the glass. And glass is glass, right? Wrong. All glass is not created equal. So, in order to preserve, protect and get the most out of your artwork, you have some choices to make. And with a little knowledge, those choices will be very easy.

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George Washington seems happy this art piece was protected!

The most important thing to remember when framing your artwork is to consult with your custom framer. The more he or she knows about your project the better they are able to use materials that will ensure your enjoyment for years to come.


Special hanging features help maintain the artwork as well.

Have any of you used Conservation Glass yet?

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