Creative and Affordable Framing and Art Ideas

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Creative and Affordable Framing and Art Ideas

When it comes time for you to add a piece of art to your collection, there are a variety of options to consider. Art falls into two categories: originals and reproductions. Originals can include an assortment of mediums, such as etchings, oil on canvas, oil on paper, pastels, and more. Reproductions also have variances, as they can be numbered, and signed or left unsigned by the artist.  We have plethora of great art, all in varying mediums and price ranges.

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When looking to purchase art, it is important to both distinguish what your needs are, and consider the space you are looking to decorate. If you have a large space, you may want several small pieces or just one large piece of art. Another factor to consider is style; some older and more famous artworks might be more expensive than, say, a newer, more contemporary piece of artwork such as this one:

Are you unsure of what type of art to buy? What would be a good investment piece? Or are you looking for some advice from experienced professionals? In any case, come visit us in Alexandria, VA. Our team has 25+ years of experience working together, and we love sharing home decorating tips!  Check out this room we helped with:

ASIAN watercolo triptych

Affordable Framing Ideas:

If you fall in love with a piece of art at a flea market or garage sale, grab it!  There are loads of ways to make an inexpensive piece look expensive and fit perfectly into your décor.  I was recently at Salvation Army and found a beautiful flower painting.  The frame and matting was in pretty bad shape but it was only $5!  There is nothing wrong with grabbing a bargain on something you like.  I brought it back to the gallery and picked out a small mat and new frame – ta da!  I have a perfect piece at a steal of a deal.

Another neat trick for affordable framing is to buy or find one of your favorite books with pictures in it. I am a great fan of sketches done by impressionist artist.  Just like this one done by Manet of Monet:

Monet by Manet!

Carefully cut the pages out of your book, then add a mat and frame to it and – tada!  Gorgeous.  Local interior designer Lauren Liess did this in her home – The entryway is hung with Leonardo da Vinci sketches taken from a book. The gold frames help unify the arrangement:


We want to help you with your project no matter its size.  Bring us your child’s drawing or a ticket stub from your 10th wedding anniversary.  Whatever it is big or small we have the resources and knowledge to help. Come in, tell us your budget and we’ll make it work.  That’s why we’re framing professionals.  Don’t forget to check out what we call our smaller “Ready-made Frames.”  We make them using scraps from larger projects and they are beautiful.

If you have more creative ideas for framing or art on a budget, share them with us!

Happy Hunting,

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