New Trend on the Rise: Framing Your Wedding Dress

New Trend on the Rise: Framing Your Wedding Dress

Summer is upon us and so is the season of weddings! I love summer weddings and the warm weather usually allows for some beautiful outdoor pictures. The neat thing about weddings are usually many lovely mementos from the day, why not frame a few things? Being able to relive the memory would be great!

I just recently went to a wedding at the Whitehall Estate in Bluemont, VA and it was an unforgettable scene.

whitehallmanor ceremony 10

Whitehall Manor view of the mountains

While preparing for the wedding, the bride-to-be can spend weeks and maybe months trying to find that perfect wedding dress. There is the time and then the expense that goes along with it. Then the bride wears such an exquisite and beautiful dress only once. Yes, I know there are pictures and video but why not have the dress framed and hung in a special place so that she can pass by it for years to come and get reminded over and over again what a special wedding day she had.

This gift can be given long after the wedding is over. What a grand surprise it would be for your first anniversary, or even a milestone anniversary such as 10 or 25 years. You are sure to WOW her with this one of a kind gift.

Take a look at this wedding dress below in a shadow box.

framed wedding dress

A framed wedding dress makes for a great gift idea!

Check out this vintage dress below which is a family heirloom!


This wedding dress is from the World War II era

Some important factors things to consider when completing framing or a shadow box for a wedding dress are listed below:

  1. When choosing the shadow box is it important to consider the glass and materials involved to best preserve the gown and other item’s original context.
  2. Even though a display box must use safe materials for your wedding gown, it must also be attractive and reflect the gown beautifully. You do not want the molding or glass taking away from the beauty of the gown.
  3. Expect to use a large amount of materials to hold floor-length wedding gowns and accessories. On average, the shadow box for a floor-length wedding gown is approximately 40 by 84 inches. Consider if you want to use the whole dress or section off a piece of the dress, such as the bodice. You could also choose to include a variety of items such the veil and shoes.
  4. Consider the following materials: Molding, Mat Board, and Fabric.

Adrienne Maloof of the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills had her wedding dress framed below:


Simple but very nostalgic!

kids lookingup

Mrs. Maloof with her kids and her completed masterpiece!

Would you frame your wedding dress? We would love to hear your opinions.

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