The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone in Your Life

The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone in Your Life

Christine Lashley - Afternoon on the Canal, 12x12, Oil on Panel, $1400 framed

Christine Lashley – Afternoon on the Canal, 12×12, Oil on Panel

The holiday shopping season can be stressful for anyone racing to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. After all, this season is meant to bring people together and make memories that last a lifetime. Most shoppers stress because they are looking for something that’s personal and meaningful for their loved ones. That’s why we’ve decided to make it as easy as possible for you by creating this holiday gift guide as you’re shopping for those most important to you this holiday season. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

The Art Collector

Artists and art collectors can be difficult to shop for, but you can’t go wrong with the highest museum-quality artwork from local artisans offered here at Broadway Gallery. We offer a variety of artwork from some of the best artists out of the DC metro area, with a little something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something more modern and abstract to something with an impressionistic feel, we have them here. Below are a few samples of the lovely impressionist style artwork from Christine Lashley. You can view more of her paintings here.


“City Rain Reverie”, 20X20, Oil On Canvas


1 1

“Near Dupont Circle”, 12X16, Oil on Canvas


“Western Stream”, 8X14, Oil On Panel


The artwork available at Broadway Gallery is incredibly diverse, not only the styles of our offerings but also the mediums. Take a look at these encaustic paintings below are from Jacinta Amorisi’s collection. You can view Jacinta Amorisi’s collection here.


“Morning Burn-Off”, 24X30, Encaustic on Panel


“The Path”, 8X8, Encaustic on Panel



“Misty Dawn”, 18X24, Encaustic on Panel


The Pet Lover

There are hundreds of thousands of pet owners today whose “furbabies” are more precious than gold. You probably know several that even have their own Instagram pages, sporting costumes and sweaters or cuddling other animals. Take what the pet lover in your life adores the most and turn it into something they can cherish forever. Here at Broadway Gallery, artist Jason Good specializes in pet portraits that can be framed and put on your walls at home or office for everyone to see. All you have to do is send in a picture of your favorite animal and he’ll do the rest. Be sure to send it in before December 1st to have the work completed by Christmas. Send your request in here for a custom pet portrait by Jason Good.

Jason Good - Commissioned Pet Portrait

    Jason Good – Commissioned Pet Portrait

The Sports Fanatic

If you’re like most people, you probably have a sports fanatic in your life that you’ll be buying for this holiday season. From baseball, to hockey, tennis and football, we’ve framed memorabilia from just about every type of sport that exists. This year, a custom shadow box display case would be an extra special gift for any Washington Nationals fan that cheered on our local baseball team until the end and watched them win their first-ever World Series. What better way to preserve your memories by framing your own piece of history? Just take a look at what we’ve done below with some of our favorite jerseys and other sports memorabilia.

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Ryan Zimmerman’s Jersey in a Custom Shadowbox

Catcher's mitt shadowbox frame

    Catcher’s Mitt Shadowbox Frame

Signed Capitals jersey

           Signed Capitals Jersey


When it comes to shopping for mom, you can’t go wrong with jewelry! Here at Broadway Gallery, we offer a selection of custom-made jewelry by artist and gallery founder Sue Broadway. You can view more from her collection here.


Sue Broadway - Silver Clay Cross with Purple CZ

         Silver Clay Cross with Purple CZ

Sue Broadway - Silver Clay Drop Pendant

Silver Clay Drop Pendant

Sue Broadway - 2 inch Purple Signature Pendant, Mixed Beads with Copper Wire

2 in Purple Signature Pendant, Mixed Beads with Copper Wire


The Veteran
Is there a Veteran in your life you’d like to show extra gratitude towards this year? No matter the branch of military they have served or are serving, every Veteran is important. The sacrifices they put on the line for others is something many of us can’t quite grasp. And we can’t think of anything more thoughtful than putting on display the things they have fought so hard for. Whether it’s photos, medals, letters, or other memorabilia from their time spent in the military, a custom shadow box is the perfect gift for your beloved Veteran. Take a look at some of the shadowboxes we’ve created for our favorite Veterans.

IMG 0179

             Framed Navy Memoribilia


    Cary Broadway’s Silver Star 


   Navy Memorabilia in Custom Shadowbox





Whoever it is your shopping for, our artists have something original for you and those you’re shopping for this holiday season. Come on in to our Alexandria studio to see what else we have to offer! Happy holidays!

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